Mix it Up Monday...the one about Instagram content

Welcome back to #tptSMsurge for Mix it up Monday- Instagram style!

Let me start out by saying, I LOVE Instagram. Before I ever started using it for TpT, I was using it for my personal life. Brynn Allison, our Literary Maven, already mentioned that you need to decide if you want to combine your personal and business accounts or keep them separate. I decided I wanted to start over again to create a public account for my business. There are some things that I want to post for just my friends and some that I like to share with everyone. When I'm sharing with the whole world on my @caitscoolschool account, I remember that I only want to share things that if any principal or parent or colleague were to see it, they would find it to be acceptable. 

So, what do I post? What kinds of things can you post? 

Here's a snapshot of how I mix it up:

Takeaways from this example: 

  1. 4 out of 9 are business-related and connecting to other TpT-ers.
  2. Two are related to hashtags, which will easily connect to more people.
  3. Two connect to other forms of social media (blog & Facebook). 
But, I'm not the ultimate Instagrammer (I'm still working on that!). Let's go over some specifics about content.

Here are SEVEN different kinds posts you can use (with some of my favorite examples!):

1. Product photos: The best product photos are action shots or samples. @mrsedgarsclass shows some work from a student, which prompted one of her products. I love this because it inspires me to want to check out her product and see what she did with this.

2. Classroom DIYs, tips, & tricks: IG is the perfect place to show short, quick diy projects! I'm currently in LOVE with this idea from @prideandprimary (I just need to get my hands on some of that chalkboard tape!). Her classroom pictures give her followers a new idea and shows them how to execute it on their own.

3. People (and pets!): Feature people! Yourself, your family, and friends. Even your pets, because we all love a good puppy pic. People pics make you seem like a real person :) @missjohnstonsjourney regularly features her #ootd (outfit of the day) and also shared her wedding journey with her followers! Great way to engage with others (who doesn't love a good wedding?!). Here's a people pic example, @missjohnstonsjourney giving a shout out to a friend @lessonswithcoffee:

4. Behind the scenes: Show some you doing all of that hard work! What's your home office look like? What's your classroom look like? Finished products and perfect classrooms don't come from nothing! @schoolandthecity gave a glimpse of what one corner of her room looks like so far in this great pic!

5. Inspirational quotes: Everyone needs some inspiration sometime. Why not give it to others? If you need some help adding text, revisit Becky's post (The Class Couple) here. One of my favorite quote people is @iamkidpresident. He's hysterical, but always makes me think. (Also, don't you love cheese and bacon??)

Here's another example from @adabofgluewilldo (LOVE this quote!):

6. Questions: Ask a question to engage your followers! Get others' opinions or ideas or votes. Everyone likes to know that you care what they think. @weareteachers threw out an easy question and received a ton of responses (over 100)!

7. Part A. Link up: Create your own, or connect with others through a link up. A popular one every month is "Currently" from @farleyfarleyfarley...this used to just be a blog post, but is now included for IG also! Link ups combine the idea of a question with a hashtag so you can connect with lots of different people. Take a screenshot of the background, and then add your own text on top. Post in Instagram using the #hashtag. 

Part B. Link up with hashtags! Use popular hashtags to connect with others like:#ootd (outfit of the day) or #widn (what I'm doing now). @sharpinsecond uses #widn to connect with a few others on IG. It also provides a quick glimpse into your life, plus if you tag a couple friends, it gets them in on the action.

I hope everyone can get in on the IG action now and mix it up! What's your favorite kind of post? 

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