There are so many different classroom jobs- messenger, paper passer, milk/cafeteria duty, line leader, caboose, paper collector, homework checker, table captain, board eraser, schedule changer...I could go on and on. Some teachers have a system and they switch out these various jobs once a week, once a month, or once a quarter. 

That, my friends, is way too complicated for this teacher. And you know what, it's OKAY not to have a million different classroom jobs. 

Don't worry, this doesn't mean that I do all of the jobs myself. My classroom is a community and everyone contributes. 

So, how do I make it work? I have two "Helping Hands" from each class. My school has two of every grade, and we're departmentalized, so I choose two helpers from each homeroom. My helping hands do ALL of the jobs for one week and then I trade them out. I try to choose a boy and a girl for each week to keep it even. 

This classroom helper arrangement works out two-fold: all of the students get to do all of the jobs AND it rotates regularly enough that each student gets to be a helper multiple times throughout the year. I have hand prints cut outs that are laminated and sorted by homeroom. The set of students who have already been a helping hand that round are binder clipped together and kept in a plastic bag.

As I get to know my students, I do conveniently pair up a super enthusiastic helper with a less-than-thrilled helper. Also, by rotating weekly, if I have someone who I know will need a little extra boost one week (and they haven't been a helper recently), I pull their hand from the bag. You know, conveniently. 

Also, as a little time management tip...set an alarm in your phone for Friday afternoons when you need to change out the helpers. I have ones for a variety of weekly reminders, including my helping hands :)

What systems have you found that works for classroom jobs?

The year is almost over. The range of emotions run from some bittersweet sorrow to jumping for joy. We made it! The teachers, the kids, & the parents- go us!

Before I take a much-needed, much-deserved break for the summer, I need to reflect. Why would I do this now when I'm need-to-sleep-for-a-week, end-of-the-year-teacher tired??

Because now is when I have the clearest vision of my year, before I start to have some rose-colored glasses about how everything happened. It's a good time to figure out what worked, what didn't, what do I need to remember to tweak, or maybe to completely revamp, things I will need to think about and research this summer. Do I have solutions for everything? Not yet, but I will have somewhere to start when I'm planning for the fall. I've got my oldies, but goodies, new keepers, tried but tweak, and start from scratch.

We have only five days left- 3 with kids and 2 teacher days, so I've been working on my list. Here's what I've come up with for this year:

Want to reflect? Here's the template that I used:

Do you reflect at the end of the year? Did you have any new keepers? What are you trying to change for next year?

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